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"When a Diamond is found in its natural habitat, its value is unrecognizable. The untrained eye could be in the presence a Diamond and disregard its potential worth.
It takes a carefully trained hand to polish and mold these preciously unique creations of God.
This process allows the light to flow through its vessel proclaiming to the world, the brilliance that was always there."


Thank you for starting the process to become those "carefully trained hands" by joining the Diamond Daughter Corporation!!!


As with any organization, volunteers are what helps make our programs run smoothly. We have opportunities to volunteer within the classroom, at events, and so much more. Please join our team!


For you students, The Diamond Daughter Corporation provides a great opportunity for you to expand your learning. Whether you are looking to pursue a degree in education, business, etc. Helping with The Diamond Daughter organization will give you a great experience.


The Diamond Daughter Corporation  is always searching for educators who want to share their knowledge and experience within our programs. 

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