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Welcome Diamond Daughters!!

We are so happy to get things started, it has been a long time coming. Let us begin by saying “Thank you!”, we would not have been able to do this without the support of our friends, family, the DDC board members, and the team which is continuing to grow with us.

Our pilot program is set to begin on October 10th with the Mighty Writers located in South Philadelphia. The DDC could not be more excited for this opportunity to showcase our program and work with the young women within the Mighty Writers organization. The curriculum for the 6-week program has been fine-tuned and the DDC board members are prepared and ready to go. The 6-week program will touch on various topics, all of which contribute to becoming a successful individual in the professional world.

We look forward to sharing our program, materials, and news with all of you through our Diamond Daughter website as well as our social media channels. Do not forget to look for us on Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter using @DDCworthy.

Thank you for your support!

Always remember you are a lady of Poise, Prestige & Power.

You are a Diamond Daughter!

The Diamond Daughter Team

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