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DDC within the Community

On Tuesday October 2nd, our Founder Angela Deery, was invited by the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program to sit and chat with a group of young women from George Washington Carver High School for Engineering and Science. It was a great experience for both DDC and the young women in the group. Angela had an open discussion about resumes and cover letters. She was able to give a sample of both documents and talk about the importance of having a complete resume and cover letter. Angela talked with the girls about how the classes, clubs, activities, and volunteer programs they are in now will provide for a strong resume. She reminded the girls that their resume and cover letter was a time to brag about their talents and abilities. She advised starting out by writing a list of their skills, involvements and honors. The girls were able to ask and talk with Angela about what information should or should not be on a resume. The girls also asked for direction as to what they should do now to improve the look of their resume for current and/or future employment opportunities.

All in all, it was an amazing opportunity for the DDC to share and work within the community. The girls at the school were open to learning, asking questions and appreciative of the opportunity to learn. Just the same, Angela Deery was more than happy to share her knowledge with the girls and answer any questions they had regarding resumes and cover letters.

The DDC looks forward to more opportunities just like this, if you are interested in having us visit your school, club, and/or community center. Please do not hesitate to contact through our website. Thank you!

Always remember you are a lady of Poise, Prestige & Power.

You are a Diamond Daughter!

The Diamond Daughter Team

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