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You are Your Own Billboard

Your Own Billboard? What does that even mean?

Well just like a billboard above Times Square or the Los Angeles 405 Freeway, you are advertising a product or broadcasting a message. You, Me, Us are sending a message about who we are and where we want to be.

On Tuesday, the young women at the DDC workshop conducted a small fashion show, allowing the girls to show what they would wear for a high school interview, work interview, night out with the family, and date night. The young women picked an occasion out of a hat and were then given the opportunity to choose an outfit from various pieces of clothing. The clothing options were both appropriate and not-so appropriate, including: a halter dress, jeans, off-the-shoulder blouse, blazer, dress pants, sweater, and so much more. The young women then shared with the group why they picked the clothing options and why it was appropriate for the occasion. Tips were given from the instructors to mix and match selections to fit various scenarios.

We then viewed videos of successful women in politics, movies, media and business. This gave the young women the opportunity to see what women wear in the different sectors of the professional world. They understood that “normal” business attire is not the same across the board. For example, for an office interview the recommendation is to wear dress pants/skirt with a blouse and blazer. But if you are going into an interview in the fashion industry or more casual tech world, your options might be more colorful, unique, casual and simple. They were prompted to never shy away from asking or doing research on the company to find out what is appropriate.

To finish the night the young women were able to talk about their personal style and what they are broadcasting to the world. They examined if their goals would change their current style choice.

Next week the girls will be taking a look into public etiquette with some hands-on learning. This will lead to our final week with this group of young women from Mighty Writers. On week 6, the young women will experience fine-dining at a restaurant in the heart of Philadelphia and be awarded with a certificate of completion from the Diamond Daughter Corporation.

Always remember you are a lady of Poise, Prestige, & Power. You are a Diamond Daughter!

The Diamond Daughter Team

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