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What's Your Title for 2018?

As founder of Diamond Daughter Corporation, I would say it's only fitting that 2017 was the year the Diamond Daughter Corporation finally came into its own.

2017 was a HARD year for a lot of reasons, personally, nationally and globally. But its a year that revealed the strength within and caused us to fight that much harder for our beliefs and direction of destiny.

We have entitled 2017 as the “Diamond Year”. A diamond personifies the art of pressing through the hard times and allowing the dirt of life to be a tool to strengthen us, until the world can no longer ignore our value and ability to shine.

DDC has and will continue to be the embodiment of a diamond going through the formation process. We will become strengthened in the hours of darkness, discovered by those who see our value and shaped by the hands who uncover all of our dynamic facets.

We are eagerly looking forward to 2018 and hope that you are too! Its important that we all map out the direction for our days, weeks, months and year to come at the starting line. DDC is entitling 2018 as the year of “Development”. We plan to learn and grow durning this year, to serve you and our community in the best way possible.

Take a few minutes today and title 2018 for your life. Post it on our social media pages and in a location where you will see it daily. Use this Title as a marker to line up the decisions you make and places you go. Allow your Title to be a guiding light helping you make 2018 one of your most successful years so far!

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on January 11th at our Night of Relaxation and Yoga.

Always remember you are a lady of Poise, Prestige & Power. You are a Diamond Daughter!

Happy New Year,

Angela Deery

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