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Do YOU Have A Game Plan?!

January marks new beginnings;

a fresh start, a reboot, do-over, a time to stop and evaluate then move again.

Now that we've Titled our year (catch-up on the last blog, if this doesn't ring a bell), it's time to setup a game plan. Just like athletes draw out their next play, we all need a strategy. A strategy that will allow us to take hold of our goal(s).

Let's ask ourselves 3 questions to initiate the game plan for 2018:

What do I need to accomplish this year to ensure I achieve the next step in my life?

Or simply said: What are my goals for this year?

Please limit your list to 3-5 items you can realistically focus on whole heartedly.

Next question:

Why is this goal necessary to achieve the next phase in life?

Or Why is accomplishing this goal relevant to my success?

Lastly and possibly most important, ask yourself:

What will happen if I do not achieve this goal in 2018?

Will my years to follow be affected?

We would love to hear your responses and support you in the journey to success for 2018.

Please send us an email or respond on social media @ddcworthy.

Cheers to a productive year and knowing the best is yet to come!

Always remember you are a lady of Poise, Prestige & Power. You are a Diamond Daughter!


Angela Deery

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