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Philadelphia School District + DDC= Success

Tuesday April 24th, the participants of the Diamond Daughter Corporation Professional Prep Course, received their completion certificates at the Ladies Networking Lunch.

The lunch was held at La Collina in Bala Cynwyd, a beautiful Italian restaurant nestled in the hill overlooking Roxborough. The graduates were escorted by limo, donated by Cancer Treatment Centers of American from their base at Roxborough High School to La Collina. Music played as they prepared themselves to meet the Professional Mentors awaiting their arrival. Some practiced their Super Woman Pose to poise themselves with confidence, while others recited the Diamond Daughter motto: I am a lady of Prestige, Poise and Power. I am a Diamond Daughter!

As the graduates arrived, the mentors greeted them with handshakes and smiles. This was a great opportunity to practice the skill of proper handshakes, that the ladies learned weeks before. The table was set for formal dining and the mentors placed themselves beside each lady, to have individual conversation time.

Throughout the lunch the newest “Diamond Daughters” were presented with a certificate & special necklace. Personal words were spoken to each lady as they were applauded by the crowd. Each graduate had their time in the spotlight to feel valued and congratulated. The 3 course meal was served and enjoyed in fine dining excellence. Everyone walked away from this experience with a desire to pay it forward. Graduates and mentors hope to come back and help with the new classes.

We are so grateful to Roxborough High School faculty and staff for giving us this opportunity. Also to Cancer Treatment Center of America for their time and limo service and all the mentors who took the time to pour into these Diamond Daughters. And a very special thank you to Alexis Moore for all the work she’s done, as assistant teacher, with this class!

Until the next class begins, we will see you in the community!

Always remember you are a Lady of Prestige, Poise and Power you are a Diamond Daughter!

Angela J Deery President Diamond Daughter Corporation

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