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You are a Super Woman!

The evening started with a quick check-in from the group and flowed into our favorite part of the night, “What’s your Power Pose?”. For this ice-breaker activity we watched a short clip about how standing with your hands placed on your hips for about two minutes can you give you a new-found confidence. We decided to try this for ourselves, we all stood up in our circle with our hands placed on our hips and our shoulders back. As we all stood in our “Super Woman” poses, the girls went around the circle and stated a goal they have for the next year. They started with “I want to…” and after the first go around and after standing in our Super Woman pose for about two minutes we changed our wants to “I WILL…”. It was hard to believe that by standing WITH confidence, we BECAME confident. This exercise gave the young women a tool that they can use with any task or goal they have placed in front of them. We ended the night by answering some questions in our workbooks and continuing work on our vision collage. There is a page included in the workbook that allows the young women to create a collage using images they have found in magazines to express what they are looking for in their future. The girls have been able to show some great creativity and get excited about some personal goals. Whether it is to buy a car when they turn 16, travel to another country by the age of 20, and/or starting work in their dream career.

For those interested in the video clip, here is the link:

Always remember you are a lady of Poise, Prestige, & Power. You are a Diamond Daughter!

The Diamond Daughter Team

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